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  America's Favorite Serial Rapist!
Bill Cosby serial rapist Quaaludes
You Bet Your Life!
America's Favorite Dad is now America's most Prolific Serial Rapist! True, he's never been indicted, but that's only because of the statute of limitations, not his guilt or innocence. If it were only 1 or 2 women, okay, maybe he's innocent. But over 2 dozen? And now, over 40 women?  I originally did this painting over 20 years ago when Bill Cosby was hosting the new edition of Groucho Marx's old game show "You Bet Your Life!" Originally, the paper in the Grouchobird's beak read "Groucho Sent Me". (On the old series, Groucho told viewers to say that when they visited their local DeSoto car dealership, the show's sponsor.) Ever notice how people who sanctimoniously lecture others about their morality ALWAYS turn out to be hypocrites? It never fails. Richard Pryor and George Carlin must be having a good laugh up in Comedy Heaven!

     Emperor Putin's New Clothes!
Putin Russia anti-Gay Anti-LGBT Free Speech cartoon caricature political humor satire IOC Olympic Russia Anti-Gay Anti-LGBT cartoon Sochi  humor politics satire gay rights
The IOC Liked the Nazis, Too!

To nobody's surprise, the International Olympic Committee  has decided that Russia's anti-gay "Homosexual Prpoganda" Law does not violate the principles of the Olympic Charter. Back in 1936, the IOC decided that Nazi Germany's persecution of the Jews also did not violate their principles. Same old greedy pigs!

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Kids Shouldn't Play with Nukes!

        North Korea Kim Jong Un caricature political cartoon editorial cartoon nuclear proliferation politics satire humor
Like Father, Like Son! (2009)   
North Korea Kim Jong Il caricature cartoon political cartoon editorial cartoon politics humor satire
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He Rode A Blazing Saddle!
      Obama cartoon Obama caricature political cartoon editorial cartoon politics satire humor
If  "gun control"is the answer to gun violence, then Chicago, like New York, should have a  record low homicide rate.  Chicago has the same strict gun laws that New York has. But its homicide rate is at record high levels. While Mrs. Obama was attending the funeral of one teenage girl  who was gunned down after attending President Obama's inauguration, the teenage daughter of a woman sitting directly behind Mrs. Obama was gunned down on the streets of Chicago. What's the difference?For the last 20 years, New York has been using computers to track patterns of violent crime and concentrating their police presence in high crime areas. Then, they stop and frisk people randomly in those neighborhoods. They check their ID on laptops in the patrol cars. They've been able to grab the parole violators and those with arrest warrants and put them away. Meanwhile, Chicago seems powerless to do anything about the uncontrolled gang violence that everyone agrees is the cause of their problem. Because they haven't even tried. And they don't have the guts to try. It shouldn't surprise anyone that Chicago's police are unwilling to confront gang violence. When have they ever done so? Did Al Capone ever lose any sleep worrying about the Chicago police? The Chicago police are a joke. Not a funny joke. Just a sick joke.

  Isn't It Funny? Heck Yeah!
     Teo cartoon Te'o cartoon Kekua cartoon football cartoon Te'o caricature Notre Dame cartoon football cartoon
Isn't it funny . . . that Manti Te'o now says that he found out that his imaginary girlfriend wasn't  really dead and wasn't really real on December 6th, 2012, but he continued to give tearful interviews about his tragic "loss" of the "love of his life" until after the voting for the Heisman trophy was over? Isn't it funny that he didn't tell Notre Dame the truth until December 26th? Isn't it funny that neither he nor Notre Dame admitted the hoax publicly until they were "outed" by deadspin.com? (The choice of words is deliberate.) Isn't it funny that he was in California, within a few miles of where his "critically injured" girlfriend was supposedly hospitalized but he couldn't find the time to visit her? Isn't it funny that the biggest stud in college football can't seem to find an actual girlfriend to hold hands with, to go on dates with, to do all those other things a healthy young "All-American" male would want to do with an actual girl? On the other hand, a "virtual" girlfriend sure is a convenient way to avoid all those annoying questions about why he doesn't have a girlfriend, isn't it? Not that there's anything wrong with that! Sure is funny, though.          

     The Imperial Obama: "L'Eglise, C'est Moi!"
   Obama cartoon Obama caricature Obamacare political cartoon editorial cartoon politics humor satire    Obama cartoon Obama caricature Recession Depression unemployment  rate political cartoon editorial cartoon politics humor satire

(Above left) Obama seems oblivious to the fact that requiring churches and church-affiliated institutions to include sexual aids or services like contraception in their employees' health plans is a clear violation  of the religious freedoms protected by the Constitution. So he offered a "compromise": the churches don't have to pay for contraception, but it still must be included in the health plans paid for by the churches. (???) This is a logic that only Bill Clinton would understand. (Like "I smoked reefer, but I didn't inhale, so it's okay". Or "I never had sex with that woman. I only had oral sex. And that isn't sex".) Yeah, right. (Above, right) Have you ever seen as many vacant storefronts in your life as there are now? My son has been telling me we're in a Depression, not a Recession and I've been telling him he was wrong. It turns out he is right. Someone found out that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (or the Bureau of Lying Statistics) has been fudging the unemployment figures for a long time, by subtracting the long-term unemployed and the semi-employed (part-time workers who used to work full-time) from the statistics. It's not a Democratic or Republican thing, just bureaucratic obfuscation. It turns out that the real unemployment rate for the last 3 years has been ranging between 14 percent and 17 percent. That's not a Recession. That's a Depression. The work-force-participation rate (the mirror image of the unemployment rate) is the lowest since the 1930's. The percentage of families below the federal government's poverty line is the most since the early 1960's. Families using food stamps are at record levels. This is a Depression, not a Recession!
                Equal Time for the Republicans!
               gay marriage cartoon Republican primary cartoon Republican  candidates caricature politics editorial cartoon gay rights humor satire Romney cartoon Bachman cartoon Rick Perry cartoon Rick Santorum cartoon        Newt Gingrich cartoon Newt Gingrich caricature Republican Presidential candidate politics humor satire editorial cartoon

(Above left) How do the Libertarian Right and the Religious Right co-exist in the same wing of the same Party? It's one of those "strange bedfellows" situations that often happens in politics. In the early 20th Century, the Southern Segregationists and Northern Liberals coexisted in the Democratic Party. (Which is why Will Rogers said, "I don't belong to any organized political party. i'm a Democrat.") Anyway, the core of political Conservatism is that the Federal Government restrict itself to those powers specifically given it in the U.S. Constitution and basically keep its nose out of people's private affairs. So why do these "Social Conservatives" want to extend the Federal Government's authority into the area of marriage laws? Well, obviously because they're hypocrites and theocratic zealots, like the Islamists of Iran. Same tyranny, different religion. As the late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau said, "The Government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation."   (Above right) Sure, Newt Gingrich is bright and articulate and full of ideas, but he's also a Grade A hypocrite. Remember his witch hunt against Bill Clinton's adultery while he himself was doing the same thing? Or how about his attacks on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for squandering our tax money, while almost 2 million of it went right into his own pocket as a "historical consultant" for Freddie Mac? (I had no idea historians were so well paid!) Early in his Presidential campaign, Newt was contradicting himself so much that his campaign criticized the news media for quoting him. Not misquoting him, but for quoting him. I kid you not!
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        Recession? Recovery? Obama's Magic Tricks!
            Obama cartoon Obama caricature recession unemployment political cartoon  editorial cartoon politics humor satire        Obama cartoon Obama caricature Obamanomics recession unemployment political cartoon editorial cartoon politics humor satire

(Above left, from September 2011) Silly me!  I always thought that a recession was a period of high unemployment. But what do I know? According to the government, a recession is a period of decline in the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) regardless of unemployment. So, according to the government, in Obama Magic Land, the Great  Recession ended over 2 years ago, in June 2009! Unfortunately, the rest of us have to live in the real world, where the unemployment rate went UP after June 2009. (Above right, from September 2010) We were halfway through the "Recovery" at that point. What, you didn't notice?
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   Jimmy Carter Cartoons!    "Worst President"?    "Best Ex-President"?
Jimmy Carter cartoon Jimmy Carter caricature Jimmy Carter smile politicaal cartoon editorial cartoon politics humor satireJimmy Carter cartoon Jimmy Carter caricature Mondale cartoon political cartoon editorial cartoon politics humor satireJimmy Carter cartoon caricature Mondale cartoon caricature politics humor satire editorial cartoon
I've done numerous cartoons of Jimmy Carter over the years from the candidate of 1976 (left), who was all smiles and vague platitudes but no clear policy positions, to the President who, it turned out, had no clear policies. The center cartoon, while specifically referring to the Skylab space junk scare, seems to capture the befuddled President of the notorious "National Malaise" speech. (That most embarrassing of all presidential speeches was written by Chris Matthews of MSNBC, who later made the famous embarrassing remark that he got a "thrill running up his leg" from the sound of Obama's voice.) Right: In 1984, Carter's VP Fritz Mondale was hampered in his own Presidential campaign by his connection to Carter's Presidency.
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  Obama Cartoons - Mr. Incompetency? or Mr. Transparency?
        Barack Obama cartoon Obama caricature political caartoon editorial cartoon politics satire humor         Barack Obama cartoon Obama caricature  birther cartoon political cartoon editorial cartoon politics humor

               Stop Sitting on Them!                    Have You Seen Polythene Prez?

(Above, left:) Barack Obama tells us about every 6 months that he's "all about jobs" or he's "pivoting to jobs". Then he forgets about it for another 6 months. When G.W. Bush left office, his administration had just negotiated new free-trade agreements with South Korea, Panama and Colombia, which would boost American exports and create tens of thousands of jobs. Occasionally, Obama has urged Congress to pass the treaties. But they can't pass the treaties until Obama submits them to Congress. Both Republicans and Democrats have urged him to send them the treaties, but he keeps . . . forgetting, I guess. Is this guy incompetent, or what?  (Above, right:) It seems like people keep giving Obama awards just for . . well, who knows why? Remember when he got the Nobel Peace Prize for continuing 2 wars? (Later he started a 3rd war.) Recently, Obama received the "Transparency in Government" Award, despite having one of the most secretive administrations ever (and being the most mysterious man to ever occupy the Presidency). True to his secretive ways, Obama insisted on accepting the award in an unannounced, closed-door ceremony (no cameras allowed). Seriously!
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         Fine Political Cartoons Since 1962! (Okay, I'm Old, But These Are New)
Harry Reid cartoon Harry Reid caricature political cartoon editorial cartoon budget deficit politics humor satire             Adolf Hitler cartoon Adolf Hitler caricature political cartoon editorial cartoon politics terrorism humor satire
       Harry Reid's Deficit Dinghy                     Usama Bin Laden's "Rights"? Hah!

(Above, Left: ) The Republican majority in the House of Representatives has proposed their "Paul Ryan" budget to try to stem the ballooning U.S. budget deficit; the Democrats have, understandably, attacked it. So what do the Democrats offer as an alternative? Well . . . nothing, actually! Their "leader" in the Senate, Harry Reid, seems to think "It's not my job, man!" Some leader! No wonder we're in the mess we're in! (Above, right:) Sure, Hitler and Bin Laden are apples-&-oranges in some respects. My 2 main points: First, terrorists, like spies and saboteurs, have NO rights under international law. Only uniformed soldiers and diplomats do. Second, mass murderers who operate through a chain of command, whether they're a dictator, a gangster or a terrorist leader, are usually impossible to convict by the rules of evidence in a criminal trial. Everone knows Hitler killed 6 million Jews. But you'll never find a written order or even a conversation in which he expressly approved it. Everyone knows Al Capone ordered the St. Valentine's Day massacre, but the U.S. government was only able to convict Capone of income tax evasion. The same rules apply to Usama Bin Laden. Anyone who believes he should have been tried in a U.S court is naively unrealistic. - Jerry Breen

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    Barack Obama - International Man of Mystery?
 Obama cartoon Obama caricature Obama Been Lyin political cartoon edotorial cartoon politics humor satire  ObamaMan Obama cartoon Obama caricature political cartoon editorial cartoon politics humor satire
A couple of my earliest Obama cartoons, from 2007 (left) and early 2008 (right). The Obama face on the left is my most popular. It was reprinted (with permission) on the cover of the book "Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle" by Mathew Honan. Honan started a daily blog with one-liners satirizing the way people projected their own expectations, realistic or not, onto Obama. The blog became so popular that it turned into a book. Obama, the "Hope & Change" candidate adeptly played on people's expectations, all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Meanwhile, much about Obama's background, including his place of birth, and even his legal name, were shrouded in mystery and speculation. 
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  Bin LadenCartoons! Usama, Say Hello to My Li'l Friend!
             Usama Bin Laden cartoon Osama Bin Laden caricature Al Qaeda terrorism political cartoon editorial cartoon politics humor satire           Usama Bin Laden caricature Osama Bin Laden cartoon Al Qaeda terrorism political cartoon editorial cartoon politics humor satire
Congratulations to everyone from President Obama to the U.S. intelligence agencies to the Navy Seals and other commandos in the Pakistan raid for a job well done.  It will go down in history as one of the most perfectly conceived and executed military operations in modern warfare. With the unexpected intelligence bonanza recovered by the raiders, it will prove to be the major turning point in our long World War against Islamic terrorism, like the Battle of Midway against the Japanese or the Battle of Stalingrad against the Nazis in World War II. As Phillip Van Damm (James Mason) said in Hitchcock's "North by Northwest", "This matter is best disposed of from a great height . . . over water." Usama Bin Laden's end was perfectly appropriate, in my view. The outburst of concern for Bin Laden's "rights" voiced by contrarians of the left and right including Michael Moore and Judge Napolitano was, I thought, maddeningly stupid. (Notably, the ACLU conspicuously voiced no such opinion.) There's a common misconception, like the myth that ship captains have the authority to marry people, that the Geneva Convention guarantees basic human rights for all combatants in all conflicts. Actually, it only safeguards uniformed military personnel and diplomats of the signatory nations. Spies, saboteurs and terrorists have NO rights under international law. Nor should they!  - Jerry Breen
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   Nixon Cartoon! LBJ Cartoons! From Jerry's Archives!
          Nixon dog cartoon Nixon cartoon Nixon caricature Checkers cartoon Checkers Speech Watergate cartoon Watergate scandal political cartoon editorial cartoon politics humor satire          LBJ cartoon LBJ caricature Lyndon Jognson cartoon Lyndon Johnson caricature Jasperman comic strip Manhattan College Jasper Journal political cartoon editorial cartoon politics humor satire
(Above, Left:) My favorite all-time political cartoon, which I drew at the height of the Watergate Scandal, circa 1974, which ended with the resignation of President Richard Nixon. It refers to an earlier scandal in Nixon's career, the "Nixon Fund" scandal, which climaxed with his celebrated "Checkers Speech".  In 1952, Nixon was running for Vice-President on Dwight D. ("Ike") Eisenhower's ticket, when some journalists alleged that he had a secret "slush" fund. Nixon gave a live address on network TV in which he convincingly argued that the money from the fund  was used strictly for legitimate campaign and business expenses and never for personal use. He  made all of his personal financial records public (a first in American politics). He famously said that his wife Pat wore a "respectable Republican cloth coat" (referring to a scandal in which a Truman administration official resigned after accepting a gift of a fur coat).  In a bit of uncharacteristic humor for Nixon, he did admit receiving a gift on the campaign trail - a black-&-white Cocker Spaniel named "Checkers" - which his daughters loved and he refused to return. Nixon's speech saved his career,  set a record for campaign donations and helped put Eisenhower in the White House. Nixon was actually very attached to Checkers, and they were often seen - and photographed - spending time together in New York's Central Park in the 1960's. By the time of the Watergate scandal, Checkers was dead and Nixon failed to come up with a new "Checkers Speech" to bail himself out. (Above, right:)  Another very early cartoon, from 1969. LBJ made a guest appearance in my comic strip "Jasperman", which appeared in the Jasper Journal at Manhattan College, in the Bronx, N.Y., for several years in the late '60's. LBJ played the role of a beleaguered college dean beset by a campus revolt, somewhat akin to the  situation in the last years of his Presidency.
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