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Obama portrait calligraphy Baltimore
Obama Portrait in Words !
A Great Gift Idea! Just $10 w/ Shipping! Extra Copies Just $5! Buy It Now!     

Artist Jerry Breen has created this amazing Calligraphy  Portrait of President Barack Obama using the words of Obama's keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention - the speech that made the little-known Senatorial candidate a rising star in American politics. This was the speech in which Obama first articulated his vision of "the politics of hope" that inspired the nation. It's the perfect gift for anyone who believes in Obama's vision of America's future.  This portrait has attracted worldwide acclaim, and has been printed in leading European publications!  Prints are available  by mail order (11 inches by 14 inches on fine quality art paper) for just $10 each, including shipping to anywhere in the United States or Canada! Additional copies for just $5 each!
Mail a check or money order ($10 for  the first print, $5 for each additional print) to: Jerry Breen, 816A Cinnamon Ridge Place, Cockeysville, MD 21030-4316. Please specify "Obama Calligraphy Portrait".
Other prints are available for the same price! Dr. Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln and Malcolm X! (More info below.)
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Jerry Breen is a skilled calligrapher with many years of experience. He has done assignments for many Government agencies, major corporations and institutions, as well as private individuals. He can provide creative solutions to your needs, whether routine or very challenging. Call for more information. Contact Jerry at or 410-683-1562.
                  World's Only Calligraphy Portraits !              

Martin Luther King calligraphy portrait "I Have a Dream"Abraham Lincoln calligraphy portrait Gettysburg AddressMalcolm X calligraphy portrait
               "I Have a Dream"                 Gettysburg Address                 Malcolm X          
Jerry Breen is the only artist who creates true calligraphy portraits - the person's image is actually formed by his or her own words! Each calligraphy portrait is instantly recognizable as a portrait while simultaneously completely readable as text. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s immortal "I Have a Dream" speech forms Dr. King's face. The complete text of Abraham Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address forms an amazing portrait of the Great Emancipator. Carefully chosen excerpts from the speeches of Malcolm X succinctly sum up his personal philosophy while forming his unmistakable image. The speech that made Barack Obama instantly a major figure in American politics - his stirring keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention - captures an uncanny likeness of America's new President. Prints are available by mail order (11 by 14 inches on fine quality art paper, suitable for framing) at the affordable price of $10 each including shipping to anywhere in the United States or Canada!   Additional copies of that subject are just $5 each! To order, specify how many prints you want of what subjects, include your mailing address, and send a check or money order to: Jerry Breen, 816A Cinnamon Ridge Place, Cockeysville, MD 21030-4316. For more information, contact us at or 410-683-1562.
              Worldwide Acclaim for Obama Calligraphy Portrait !
 Obama portrait Deutsch press clipping Jerry's unique calligraphy portrait of President Barack Obama is now attracting international attention. One of Europe's leading financial newspapers, Financial Times Deutschland, printed it as part of an article on the various ways artists depict Obama. The headline "Malen nach Wahlen" means "Post-Election Art". The copy reads: "Jerry Breen drew Obama with his own words. He created a calligraphy portrait with Obama's speech in 2004. His first one was Martin Luther King formed from calligraphy. 'I'm probably the only one who makes these portraits', says Breen, 'Maybe I'm the only one patient enough.  Or crazy enough.' " Now The Times of London's Higher Education Magazine has chosen Jerry's Obama portrait in calligraphy for its April 2nd 2009 cover (below).

                   Obama portrait London Times        410-683-1562